v0.04 demo

major updates:

- updated stand-alone wrapper to NW.js v0.22.0 (Chromium 58)

- added many new sounds

- added settings window accesible from stage pause menu

- updated setting menu

- added new skills (2 common and 1 passive)

- added usable and stackable items

- added healing potions

- added new weapons (1 melee, 3 range and 2 magic), each with unique legendary special ability

- added visual effects individually for each weapon which has special ability

bug fixes:

- fixed wrong mouse position calculation on screens with system UI scaling larger than 100%

minor updates:

- improved inventory sorting algorithm

- added "report bug" button

- added credits

- added quest start and finish visual effect

- removed "use shader effects" setting (it was irrelevant and problematic)

- other minor fixes and updates


Linux 32-bit 54 MB
198 days ago
Linux 64-bit 54 MB
198 days ago
OSX 64-bit 75 MB
198 days ago
Windows 32-bit 43 MB
198 days ago
Windows 64-bit 49 MB
198 days ago

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