v0.03 demo

major updates:

- updated stand-alone wrapper to NW.js v0.21.1 (Chromium 57)

- added sounds and music system

- added 1 sound and 1 music

- added settings category: sound

- added crosshair

- added customisable tooltip system (all tooltips in game are now using new system)

- added new skill (1 common)

- added statuses system (buffs, debuffs, etc.)

- added enemy level scaling (damage, defense, avoidability, exp, souls, etc. is now scaled depending on enemy level)

- added character info window and many UI info tooltips

- added quests system

- updated stats system: divided to main stats (STR, STA, DEX and INT) and additional stats; also added stats counting system (base, equipment, status, bonus, etc.)

- added weapon range

- added money

- added inventory

- added enemies drops system

minor updates:

- changed color of dead enemies (so they will not be confused with alive enemies)

- tooltip background graphical fix

- changed color and design of default cursor (for better visibility)

- changed pause behavior and main UI windows

- updated tutorial

- other minor fixes and updates

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